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Blocked Drains

What Caused Your Blocked Drain?

Common causes of blocked drains can range from trees and leaves, grease and fat, general foreign objects and even human hair. Almost every home owner will have experienced a blocked drain at some point.  We have put this information together so that you are able to spot the possible blockage of your drain.


When autumn sets in – homeowners work hard on their gardens in a last minute effort

to ensure their garden looks neat and tidy as leaves begin to fall. You may not know,

but keeping your garden free from leaves can aid you in keeping a blocked drain at bay.

However, the leaf isn’t the only part of a tree that can caused a blocked drain – as the

roots can sometimes be culprits of this as well – although roots more usually would

cause cracks in the pipes, which is a more serious issue.


Grease and fat is the most common cause of a blocked drain. At the same time – it is also the most easy to prevent. The simple prevention technique – is one where you simply keep an eye on what you put down your sink, or toilet for that matter. Fat and grease sticks to the inside of the pipes, and overtime – it builds up, causing your drain to block, water to back up, and you to have a nasty experience in your home.

Can You Unblock Your Drain Yourself?

A blocked drain can be somewhat of a hassle if you don’t know how to unblock it. The answer to the above – is yes, with the correct tools, anyone can unblock a drain. You need to ensure that you have a set of drainage rods, which can be purchased, or even hired from a local merchant. Protective clothing is also important – you could simply use a pair of rubber glove to protect your hands from bacteria in the blocked drain as a bare minimum.  


Firstly you need to identify which drain it is that is actually blocked, whether the blockage is in the pipes within the household, or in fact down in the drain itself. Clearly you must not use the drain until this has been identified. If your toilet or sink is completely blocked – then it is likely that the blockage is in the pipes of the toilet – and not in the drain. See our article on ‘how to unblock a toilet’ for instructions as to how do just exactly as it says.


If the toilet/sink isn’t completely blocked, and lets water out gradually, then it is likely that there is a blockage in the drain – so you will need to find the drain where the blockage is, lift the cover of the manhole, use your drainage rods to manipulate the blockage to try and dislodge it, twisting clockwise and thrusting forward then pulling backward with the rods – trying to dislodge the blockage. This may take several minutes, but if you have luck in successfully unblocking the blocked drain – then you need to flush the drain with hot water for at least 5 minutes, removing any remaining debris.


If after applying the above method – you still cannot unblock your drain, then it is suggested that you call the experts in, as the issue may be something more sinister, like a tree root, or a collapsed drain. Find more information in our help topics section on 'How To Unblock A Drain'.


How Plumb Drain UK Unblock Your Drain – Fast

Plumb Drain UK use specialist drainage equipment and techniques, starting with only the top of the range drainage rods, high pressure drain jetting, and CCTV Surveys.


If we have issues identifying the cause of the blocked drain, we will use our top of the range CCTV equipment, which gives us a recorded view of the drain itself, so we can understand exactly what the issue is – helping us use the correct tools in order to fix the issue. If we identify that there is in fact a blockage, but a very stubborn blockage, we may try again in dislodging the article with our drain rods, if we fail to do so, then we will introduce our High Pressure Jetting system, which blasts water a up to 3000psi into the drain literally slicing into the article which is causing the blockage. The clever head of the jetter also acts as a vacuum so we are slicing at the article as well as sucking bits away.

This process takes little time, and clears the blocked drain leaving it ready for use. Please note, it is important to advise your professional as to whether or not you have used any chemicals which may be hazardous to him/her before he starts work on the drain.


If in the case that the CCTV Survey shows an issue which is somewhat more sinister, then different action may have to be taken. For example, if your drain has been penetrated by tree roots, which has led to a collapse or subsidence in the area has caused the drain to collapse. In such cases, we can perform a drain repair, or we can reline the drain, dependant on the circumstance. Read more about drain repairs and drain relining here.


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Plumb Drain UK have been in the drainage industry for over 30 years, and have come across every problem that there could be in your drainage systems – either at your home or in your commercial/industrial premises, so you can rest assured that we will clear your problem with our specialist equipment in good time, leaving your drains and pipework in perfect working order.



Hair can build up in your drain, quickly, causing problems for homeowners. You can help to prevent blockages of hair in your drains by ensuring that you implement devices into your plug which help to catch hair before it goes down the sink pipe. This is an easy, possible issue, to keep under control, so not to end up with a blocked drain.


Foreign objects are a common cause of a blocked drain. These can include soaps, fats and foods. They build up quickly, not necessarily causing a blockage immediately, but overtime they collect other materials causing a bigger blockage in the drain pipe. Toilets often block due to excessive toilet paper, sanitary towels and sometimes even nappies being disposed down it.


blocked drains, drain unblocking, how to unblock a drain

Why You Should Use Plumb Drain UK to Unblock Your Drain

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